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Suki Heath

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Jungian Analyst

Although named Susan, I am always known as Suki. I trained originally as a teacher of modern languages and then went on to train as a psychodynamic counsellor. I soon realised that my clients and I needed to find more imaginative and creative ways to draw on the innate capacity for healing that is natural to all of us.  This led me to train as a Jungian Analyst. As I explored the wonders of dream interpretation, fairy tale analysis and listened to the metaphors that we use to try and describe our experience, I began to appreciate the intricate, sensitive balance between our minds and bodies.  This led me to train as a Biodynamic Massage Therapist and a Regression Therapist.

I work on the premise that our minds and bodies have within them an inherent drive to become healthy, but the energy that supports this process can become blocked. This can manifest in a bewildering array of symptoms which may not appear to have any obvious cause.

Today, within the context of Jungian Psychotherapy, I use a variety of approaches to help my clients to release the healing energy of their psyche, harness the power of the unconscious, and find their own unique path to health and healing. Much of my work is with early developmental trauma, highly creative individuals who are struggling in life and people who have lived with such difficulties as  undiagnosed dyslexia, ADD or ADHD.


I am a member of the Guild of Analytical Psychology G.A.P. and the IAAP, the International Association of Analytical Pyschology. I work as a Jungian Analyst and healer in both Bishops Stortford and St Leonards on Sea.

Areas of work

psychotherapy, body work & hypnosis.

 Jungian Psychotherapy aims to release the energy that we need  to live life fully. Body and mind need to be integrated, the nervous system regulated, and inevitably the body must be part of this process. Psychotherapy does this primarily through reconnection with resources and energy which are hidden in the unconscious, whilst gentle body work techniques, if used, work with the body’s wisdom to promote healing.

I offer face to face therapy, online sessions, supervision, workshops and seminars. 


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Contact Me

Bishops Stortford



St Leonards on Sea

East Sussex


07850 051920

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